Preventing Foreign Interference: A Bill Inspired by Parliamentary Recommendations

In an effort to safeguard #France from foreign interference, the chairmen of the Defense and Law Committees, along with a deputy from the Hauts-de-Seine region, have tabled a bill based on recommendations from the Parliamentary Delegation for Intelligence.

This bill aims to prevent foreign powers from corrupting opinion leaders, political parties, and public decision-making in France.

The proposed legislation, directly influenced by the work of the parliamentary delegation, seeks to consolidate new measures that strengthen France’s defenses against foreign interference. It includes provisions to create a mandatory digital register for individuals acting on behalf of a foreign entity to influence French public life. In addition, there will be strict control mechanisms and criminal penalties for non-compliance.

To keep parliament informed about national security threats, the bill calls for an annual report by the government that can be debated in parliament.

On an experimental basis for three years, the legislation also expands the purposes for which intelligence services can use algorithms with proper authorization. Beyond counterterrorism efforts, this technique could be employed to protect national interests and defense, fulfill international commitments, and prevent any form of foreign interference.

Lastly, the bill amends the Monetary and Financial Code to extend asset freezing procedures beyond just terrorism-related cases. These procedures would now apply to individuals or entities connected with a foreign power that seek to harm France’s fundamental interests.

Overall, this comprehensive bill showcases France’s dedication to combating foreign interference and ensuring its sovereignty remains intact.

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