Indo-pacific diplomacy update

The entanglement between the geopolitics of oil and fossil fuels and the geopolitics of data presents a complex situation that requires thorough analysis. We are faced with a significant change. This complexity has given rise to a new form of conflict known as “war without limits” which unfolds on multiple fronts.

Amidst escalating tensions in the Indo-Pacific region, France recognizes its importance and is actively working on developing a comprehensive strategy that includes tackling the most pressing challenges of climate change, biodiversity, sovereignty, respect of international norms, and the ones of the rule of law. Despite limitations in military capabilities, France aims to enhance its influence and projection abilities to safeguard its interests and contribute to stability, security, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific.

While tensions between China and the United States have increased in the region, France faces challenges in ensuring the security of its overseas territories and making a significant impact on potential conflicts. President Emmanuel Macron’s recent tour of the Indo-Pacific underlines the need to improve France’s influence and military projection capabilities across this vast region, spanning from New Caledonia to the shores of the Indian Ocean.

In addition to the risks associated with conflict between China and the United States in the Indo-Pacific, there is currently no direct military threat against New Caledonia or French Polynesia. However, there are concerns about safeguarding sovereignty, particularly in relation to Chinese economic expansionism. Balancing these risks requires more than just the establishment of military bases.

The importance of influence strategies was emphasized by the French President of the Republic after his election. The conflict in Ukraine and the growing tensions in the Indo-Pacific region demonstrate the critical need to prioritize influence strategies as a national imperative, alongside investment in the French armed forces.

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